According to The A.V. Club, Black International’s music video for their new single, ‘Shining Swords’ is “a jarring and frenetic story, essentially a short film, that matches well the frantic vibe of the song. Director Stuart Condy follows the hallucinatory odyssey of a man who seems to be infected by some sort of media-birthed nightmare, beamed in from his phone. Once the guy’s eyes start going red, it seems likely things can only go downhill. But don’t worry, because by the end of it, he may be covered in stains and trash, but he’s still got his corporate ID card.”

The video was directed by Stuart Condy of Arpeggio Pictures with Director of Photography, Craig-James Moncur and edited by Russell Miller of Toasted Motion Films.

The video features a central performance from Russell Miller and co-stars Robert Williamson.  Condy also makes a cameo in the video, playing a disgruntled bus stop denizen.


Black International is a band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Their music has drawn comparisons to Shellac, the Fall, Radiohead and Sonic Youth amongst other things. The name refers to an international anarchist political organization established in 1881. The band consists of core members Stewart Allan and Craig Peebles, although they have collaborated with others occasionally.

Their debut album ‘In Debt’ was self-released in March 2011, accompanied by a UK tour and a live session for BBC Radio 1. ‘In Debt’ found its way onto several end-of-year lists, and in April 2012 was re-released by the Berlin-based Spiralchords label.

In July 2013 a double A-side 7” single, ‘A Gilded Palace / The Sky Is Falling In’ was released via Electric Company Records.

Black International have played extensively across the UK, from the south coast of England to Shetland, including festival dates such as Wickerman, Tramlines and goNORTH.

The band’s second album ‘A Lesson In Repression’ was recorded in 2014 with engineer Andrew Bush (the Twilight Sad / We Were Promised Jetpacks / De Rosa) and released on 30th October 2015 via Good Grief Records.


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